Meeting Presentations

Available in pdf form for viewing or download. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Analysis Committee

Department of Commerce IM-145 Analysis

The spreadsheet gives a detailed analysis of all the information in the reports for full year 2015. The CIAA is getting the IM-145 for non-cheeses as well as for cheese; the report now covers HTS prefixes 0401 – 0406. Ten individual tabs in the worksheet sort the data in many different ways; by HTS number, Exporting Country, Port of Entry, CSC Trade Agreement, etc. Running sub-totals on the far right-hand side of each tab summarize the information. We are sure that you will find this information to be useful.

Dairy Import Assessment Calculator

This resource is valuable tool for members to calculate the assessment amount they owe. Upon accessing the document, members have the option to use either the simple version or detailed version of the worksheet to enter information based on the composition of the imported product.